What a Veteran Mean to Me- Happy Veterans Day Essay Speech

Happy Vetterans Day Essay for Students

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As we all know there are lot of assemblies and contests are held on this lovely occasion. So in this post I have written an  Happy Veterans Day Essay which you can either speak or write it.

A Veteran can be described in many different ways. A veteran can be a dad or a mom. A veteran can be a husband or a Wife. A veteran can be a son or a daughter. A veteran is someone who inspires me and my fellow countrymen. A veteran sets a honouable example for me. aYou could describe veterans such as noble, talented and brave but only little do these words to explain. A veteran is much more. A Veteran is one who changed the America.

Veterans sacrifices a lot to be in militrary. They have to pickup their belongings, say good bye to their loved ones and leave to go to overseas. Often times they miss the holidays and birthdays with their families. Their job is difficult but very important. When we say things like Veterans are are heros, they say they are just normal people who are doing their job and they don’t take credits what they do. They work in a team. Tall or short, black or white, man or woman, they all work together to make our country a better place.

But to me what a Veteran means is freedom. The reason you go meet your friends in a mall, go to school, stay up late,  or choose your own religion because veterans fought for our freedom. They risked their lifes for United States. Veterans are the real, strongest and braviest hero in the world. Veterans are what makes our lifes better. All together, Veterans have changed America and made it the place it is today and I am proud to say that i am an American.

So this was an essay or you can call it a speech which you can write or can speak before any assembly.

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