Does Mail Run on Happy Veterans Day 2017 – Detailed Guide

Every year, the whole nation of United States of America, exhibit their immense honour and be thankful towards all those brave men & women who have served in the US military services. Every single American commemorate this remembering occasion with much pride and happiness. As, we know any event is incomplete without wishing our loved ones. So, here we would like to present Veterans Day Thank you quotes for you, through which you can greet your countrymen.

On Veterans Day, Every US citizen celibates veterans day every year on november 11.So it’s obvious that many Government offices will be closed on 11th novomber whereas if anyone have a confusion related to Does Mail run on Veterans Day  then this post is all about this. So if you are still confused that mail services will be live or not then do the read the full post.


Does Mail run on Veterans Day

We already said that most of the Government offices will close on Veterans Day in our existing posts. So don’t confuse on whether mail will run on Armistice Day or not. The answer is simply NO because due to the Government holiday Mail service will not run on Veterans Day.

Government workers will get the payment on holidays. If they work on public holidays then this is an extra work for their wages. The Veterans Day will fall on November 11th, when the post office is normally open on business days. But so many people asking Will mail work on Veterans Day or not. So we are providing this post mainly for them.

Mail Delivery on Veterans Day 2017

Armistice Day s the special day to honor the men and women who served their nation. So everyone will enjoy freedom on this day. It is truly appreciated that US flag proudly displayed on front porches on Veterans Day across America.

Post offices are closed on Veterans Day. Post offices will follow 10 federal holidays every year. November 11th is also placed as one of the federal holiday in this list. No new mail will be delivered to the box on this Day. Most of the post offices have automated postage machines in their lobbies where customers can calculate and purchase postage.

If anybody need to ship any type of delivery on November 11th, check with your post office to make sure that Sunday and holiday delivery is available at the destination. See below to check What days mail will be delivered?

What Days Will Mail Be Delivered?

Mail delivery service is confusing when a holiday falls in the middle of the week. This is the mail schedule for the week of Veterans Day:

Tuesday, November 8th: Open in regular business hours and mail service.

Wednesday, November 9th: Open in regular business hours and mail service.

Thursday, November 10th: Open in regular business hours and mail service.

Friday, November 11th: Closed

Saturday, November 12th: Regular Saturday service.

Sunday, November 13th: Open in regular business hours and mail service.

Monday, November 14th: Open in regular business hours and mail service.

FedEx will provide normal delivery and pick up service on Veterans Day. UPS is open on Veterans Day. According to USPS, the post office is not open and there is no United States mail delivery on Veterans Day, Wednesday, November 11th.

We think that you like our post Does Mail run on Veterans Day Mail Delivery on Veterans Day 2017. So keep visiting our website for many details on Happy Veterans Day.

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